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The Fellowship Programme

The Care Leaders Fellowship leadership programme is designed to nurture empathy, ignite entrepreneurship, and equip fellows with the skills to solve social issues for care experienced individuals.

6 Programme Areas

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A community of
Lived Experience and Professional Leaders

We provide a community of lived and professional experienced leaders to come together, learn about leadership and solve social issues.


12 Module Learning Programme

Our 12 module learning programme gives fellows the skills to be entrepreneurial  and empathic leaders.


3 Leadership Retreats

We bring fellows together to engage in 3 leadership retreats designed to intensively challenge, support and develop them as leaders.



This exclusive one-on-one coaching experience connects you with seasoned entrepreneurs, accomplished leaders, and industry experts who are eager to share their knowledge and insights.


Marketing Incubator

Our digital marketing incubator helps you develop digital engagement skills, essential to working with young people. You will have access to our digital marketing specialist who will work with you to support the development of your digital marketing.


Fundraising Support

Through our extensive network and partnerships, we'll facilitate opportunities for you to engage directly with potential donors, grant-making organisations, and impact investors.

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An Allyship

We believe in the power of allyship, where lived and professional experiences come together in collaboration. The fellowship is a space where no one's knowledge is more valuable than another's. We celebrate diversity and different perspectives, creating an environment where shared responsibility and collective commitment drive our actions.

Over the 12-months of the Fellowship, lived and professional experience leaders work shoulder to shoulder, creating solutions to social issues for care experience people, forging a powerful allyship.

12 Module

Facilitated online and through face to face leadership retreats. 


The Care Leaders Fellowship provides a learning programme that gives fellows entrepreneurial skills, ignites their empathy and applies to solving social issues for care experienced people.

Module 1: Self-Leadership and well-being

Develop the skills to care for ourselves so that we can care for others. Navigate the demands of leadership with a focus on self-care, well-being, and maintaining a positive mindset.

Module 2: Turning Ideas into Action

Develop the skills to care for ourselves so that we can care for others. Navigate the demands of leadership with a focus on self-care, well-being, and maintaining a positive mindset.

Module 3: Consultation and Co-Design

Master the art of co-design and effective consultation. Engage with diverse groups to ensure your projects meet the needs of those you serve.

Module 4: Effective Storytelling

Gain the confidence to communicate your ideas effectively. Learn various communication techniques, from public speaking to digital marketing.

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Module 5: Digital
Marketing Strategies

Strategically plan and create your digital engagement. Demystify the world of digital marketing and develop a strategy for reaching your target audience.

Module 7: Navigating Different Systems

Develop the skills to navigate different organisational structures. Learn how to work with private, public, and third-sector organisations.

Module 9: Advocacy and Policy Influence

Advocate for policy changes and influence decision-makers. Explore advocacy strategies, policy development, and building partnerships with policymakers.

Module 11: Ethical Considerations and Safeguarding

Develop ethical guidelines for working with care experienced people. Make ethical decisions, practice safeguarding, and ensure client safety.

Module 6: Building and Launching

Understand the methods to brand and launch your idea. Create a strong brand and execute a successful launch for your project or service.

Module 8: Data-Driven Decision Making

Learn how to collect, analyse, and utilise data for informed decision-making. Master data collection, analysis tools, and measuring impact.

Module 10: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Create inclusive and equitable services. Gain cultural competency, design inclusive services, and address bias and discrimination.

Module 12: 
Sustainability and Scaling

Ensure long-term sustainability and scalability of initiatives. Plan for sustainability, implement scaling strategies, and measure long-term impact.

3 Leadership Retreats

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