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The Care Leaders Fellowship is a transformative 12-month leadership programme designed to develop an allyship of lived and professional experienced leaders and equip them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to lead positive change in the children's social care sector.

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Our Story

The Care Leaders Fellowship began because we thought it was important for people who have personal experience with the care system and professionals who work in it to work shoulder to shoulder, to solve social issues faced by care experience people.


The Care Leaders have been acting consultants to children's social care for 11 years, and we noticed that the best projects always had a mix of people who had lived and professional expertise, they were equipped with the relevant skills and provided a platform with appropriate power to author change.


So, we created the Care Leaders Fellowship - a place where these two groups of leaders can come together, develop leadership skills, and work as a team to solve important problems faced by care experienced people.

Our Vision


Our Mission


To support 100 lived and professional experienced people to develop ideas, projects or businesses that solve social issues for care experienced people by 2025.

Our Vision


That leaders with lived and professional experiences work shoulder to shoulder to solve social issues for care experience people.


An Allyship: Lived and
professional experience leaders.


We believe in the power of allyship, where lived and professional experiences come together in collaboration. The fellowship is a space where no one's knowledge is more valuable than another's. We celebrate diversity and different perspectives, creating an environment where shared responsibility and collective commitment drive our actions.



Our Motto: We produce
the platform, you produce
the power.

Our motto is rooted in the belief that true empowerment comes from collaboration and shared ownership. We provide a robust framework, tools, resources, and a supportive environment – the platform. Yet, it's passion, dedication, and unique perspectives that breathe life into this platform – the power. This synergy of our resources and your commitment drives impactful projects, initiatives, and innovative solutions for the children's social care sector. 

Fellowship Alumni Projects

Katie & Rachael
Jerome Harvey-Agyei
Mary-Anne Hodd
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